Flood Risk in numbers

Flood events are inflicting increasing costs on our communities due to growing urbanisation, degradation of the environment and the effects of climate change. Every year, billions of Euro are spent in compensation of damage inflicted by floods. Yet, a fraction of these costs could be invested to anticipate and prevent major losses.

Expected annual  damage inflicted by flood events in Europe according to climate projections (source)

98 billion Eur
45 billlion Eur
5 billion Eur

The combined effect of climate change and socio-economic change is likely to drammatically increase the cost inflicted by floods in Europe (source).

Every year in Europe on average

flood events

km2 of exposed urban areas

million people affected

people killed

A climate service for disaster risk management

Floods can originate from different processes, such as coastal storm surge, heavy rainfall, and river overflow.
We do our best to provide a service tailored on the needs of decision-makers to help them manage the risk triggered by flood events.

Climate downscaling

Information from past trends and climate projections is elaborated at the local scale to estimate the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events.

Hazard scenarios

Advanced modelling simulates flood in relation to climate forcing scenarios to estimate the hazard characteristics.

Risk assessment

Modelling of impacts translates hazard features into estimates of direct damage to the exposed asset and indirect financial losses.

Meet Our Team

We are climate scientists and risk experts, with years of international experience in the field. We have been working together with local administrations and environmental agencies to provide a service that could fit their needs for risk management.

Arthur H. Essenfelder

Hazard modelling, machine learning

Mattia Amadio

Risk modelling, map development

Jaroslav Mysiak

Division Director

The CLARA project

FLOODMAGE is one of the many climate services developed under the Horizon 2020 project CLARA – Climate forecast enabled knowledge services.

The aim of CLARA innovation action is to develop a set of leading-edge climate services building upon the newly developed Copernicus Climate Change Services near-term forecasts and sectorial information systems (SIS). Watch the Video